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In the beginning, the Songkiller sang chaos into the fabric of the world.
Now, he's returning to finish his dark symphony...

Exton hunts for redemption at the throne of the immortal Songkiller who caused his mother's death. Journeying with a world-weary bard, a battle-hungry ranger, and a best friend who begins to doubt him, Exton aims to drag the Songkiller from his throne and sever his head...

But he's a thousand years too late, and more helpless than when he watched his mother die. This time, he doesn't get a second chance. No one escapes the Songkiller or his song of power...

The song that turns men to monsters.

Classic action and adventure

A hero on a quest to save the world. Nations at war. Assassins in the dark. A song that threatens all. Can the hero overcome in the hour of peril?

Original fantasy races

In addition to humans, meet two delightfully unique humanoid fantasy races: one that inhabits wetlands and one that lives in trees.

Immersive worldbuilding

Explore fully fleshed out cultures, an invented language, magic systems, a world of history, and more.

Beautiful words

Inspired by master wordsmiths like Markus Zusak (The Book Thief), Patrick Rothfuss (The Name of the Wind), Leigh Bardugo (Six of Crows), and many others, The Songkiller's Symphony aims to deliver on both a plot and prose level.

Top-level hard and soft magic systems

Lovers of hard magic (magic with clearly-defined rules and limits) will love the fully-fleshed-out hard magic system. Small elements of soft magic also add wonder to the story.

Good vs evil

Get your classic good vs evil story here! Like in a Tolkien novel, those in the right may falter, but you always know who to root for. 

Food for thought

Want some food for thought with your pleasure reading? Follow the character arcs of a nineteen-year-old who masks his fear under a guise of heroism, his friend who flees a dark past and a giant who haunts his soul, a prophet who struggles with his faith, a gullible but good-hearted politician, and a villain who loves innocence.

Recommended for ages 13+

This relatively-clean story can be enjoyed by a range of ages. (Notice: does contains graphic violence, intense scenes, and some mild language.)

Epic scale

Looking for a world larger than imagination? Epic plots that have been brewing for centuries suddenly unleashed upon the protagonists? Besides it's own epic-sized plot, The Songkiller's Symphony contains hints of much larger conflicts that will be fleshed out in the rest of the trilogy and following books.

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