The Bards’ Magic System

Once upon a time, a young author named Daeus ran across the stories of Brandon Sanderson.

There was something strange in these books. Something wonderful—

Special powers characters possessed fueled by things like metals or light that allowed them to calm anxious crowds or walk on ceilings. Their powers had an aura of science about them, not some voodoo weirdness, and you could depend on what they could or couldn’t do to affect the plot. They were exhilarating to imagine and a boost to the complexities of the plots.

The hero of our tale never forgot those stories.

While his style differs in many respects from Sanderson’s, he had to try his hand at one of those “magic systems”.

He recently created a video to explain the magic systems in his upcoming novel The Songkiller’s Symphony (in which the character’s powers come from the use of songs!). You can watch it here: 

But be warned! This may be the geekiest thing you’ve watched in a long time!