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The hideous God of Manna has taken away the soul of Mortristan’s father. Now, it is Mortristan’s doom to find what his father never could: something worth living for.

But when Mortristan is forced to hunt an intruder in the God of Manna’s paradise-city, he learns just how enslaved he is. As bad as life is with the God of Manna, it’s impossible to live without him. Can Mortristan really sacrifice everything he has to find just one thing that’s lasting?

The God of Manna has reigned for millennia and he doesn't take rebellion lightly…

The world needs a savior. And if Mortristan doesn’t find a way of escape, he will too.


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What Readers Are Saying

God of Manna is a surprising book, one crafted with heart and care. It knows where it fits inside the realm of fairy-tale works and does not try to subvert those conventions, but instead plays into them, using its themes to explore profound ideas about humanity.

- Amazon Reviewer

This was a fantastic book for those not looking for another easy, anyone can write book. Every sentence pounds with meaning, words in combinations that leave you feeling you could become a poet, and an intensity of what the meaning of life could be.

- Amazon Reviewer

I don’t quite know how to say everything I want to say about this book. It’s a fairytale, but it’s so much deeper than the fairytale stereotype. Its outwardly beautiful world is full of dark secrets, and while the characters can be both whimsical and amusing, they resonate with a depth of human sorrow rarely found in ‘actual’ fairytales.

- Amazon Reviewer

The range of emotion and depth of the characters are incredible in this relatively short, yet powerful book. I finished it in a little less than 2 hours, but I will likely be thinking about it for at least the next 2 weeks.

- Amazon Reviewer