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Till Dirges Be Of Yore

I believe poetry is a large part of what defines a fantasy setting. It shows us what’s important to the characters and can add a strong heroic tone. Recently, I was writing a scene where one of the main characters comes and asks a king of the teedletiden for aid in a desperate war. The […]

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Meet The Teedletiden

Meet the teedletiden: half hobbit, half elf, half dwarf, half squirrel, half friendly dickensonian street urchin. (They belong to my work in progress.) I wish I could spring through the trees like they do. An average of three-feet in height and all muscle, they’re entirely human with only a few anatomical differences. The dominant one is their beards. All males have thick […]

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Song of the first things

The following poem recounts the first age in my fantasy world. While I’m hesitant to share this in its unedited form (the poet within me is cringing at some of my forced wording), I hope the insights into the story world will be worth it. Menthril is my story’s arch-villain. The ramifications of his actions […]

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