Zeal At The Zenith

My zeal is such as can’t be bound
T’will plow through any prison wall
It will not cool till right is crowned
And sits enthroned at palace hall

I’ll dash through every village street
And shout out like a shotgun
I’ll melt the arctic in my heat
And refrigerate the sun

I will not cease or hold my peace
I’ll not break off what I’ve begun
T’will take a Gideon’s dew-kissed fleece
Or a federal debt of one

T’will take a feather falling up
Or an orange without a peel
When mother dogs are born to pups
That’s when I’ll lose my zeal

A violent pressure fills my form
Engulfs my breathing blood and bone
As lurching as a lightning storm
And dainty as a common stone

Lead on! Lead on, oh Zeal!
Long ago I took your hand
You’re to oxen, I’m the wheel
Oh, bring me to a better land!

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