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Hi, I'm Daeus Lamb, multi-genre novelist and lover of the dramatic and profound. Here's a free gift by way of introducing myself. Hope you enjoy!

> The Golden Ziggurat

> The Diary of Nameless

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The Golden Ziggurat (genre: contemporary)

Adrian is not who he always thought himself.
Given the chance to realize his deepest desire, Adrian finds that the unthinkable is now inviting. Faced with the fate of his fiancée and former best friend, he ought to choose love over jealousy.
Clear choices, however, aren’t always easy. To add to the turmoil, his fascination with Aztec culture is giving him strange ideas.
As time marches on, the inner man will come forth. Amid catastrophes, the golden ziggurat will show its true colors.

The Diary of Nameless (genre: speculative/symbolic)

He’s living the American dream. His life is beautiful, cracked, and breaking at the seams and as he clings to each moment it slips away from him.
Perhaps his troubles are manageable. Perhaps there is meaning in all of this that he just can’t see…
But he may never know.
He is nameless and his days are few.