The Fate Of The Bored

When men begin to dream of dreams
Then dreams begin to dream of men
And all are placed inside a pen
Where dangerous men are stored
Such is the sad fate of the bored

To plotting the maniacs turn for a while
They write strange books full of guile
Falsely called philosophy
But verily cacophony
Then an army joins their ranks
Intent to attack the wise on the flanks

But what is this? They’re all in trouble
The hard pressed wise will now redouble
“You have made a grave mistake,” they say
“All Caution you have thrown away
Illusions cannot allude themselves
If a lie were to itself betray
It would be a truth we say
Your fancy dreams are bagatelles
Be done with them and all their spells”

Then ends the illusionist’s baffled plight
Upon a dark and gloomy night
By the sharp point of a sword
Such is the sad fate of the bored

I hope my point is clear
Don’t flee the truth, but hear
Nor lies abandoned horde
Don’t spurn all that is dear
But flee the sad fate of the bored

2 thoughts on “The Fate Of The Bored

  1. Oh wow— I never realized boredom was so dangerous! 😛

    This poem is nicely deep and complex. Good work.

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