The Eye Of The Storm

The eye of the storm —
Is not reached without trial
Entered without battling forces
That knock us to our knees
Winds that choke us
We bend our backs and trudge onward

And then there are walls before the eye
That mock us and say, “Turn back”
But we must storm the walls
Or be stormed
God help us if we do not make it through

And then we reach the eye
The eye — how perfect
For there we see
That the heavens are still
And the walls surround us, not deter us
And the sky is blue

We have only passed through half the storm
 But we are ready
Beyond the storm there is a homeland
Bright and blue

2 thoughts on “The Eye Of The Storm

  1. Great ‘allegorical’ poem. I love poems that are pictures of something bigger. Most poems are, come to think of it… but some are clearer that way than others. 😀

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