Down To The Hills

At break of day
Before the sun starts on his way
Come let us go
Down to the rolling hills
Every joy shall there be ours

Fawns are grazing in the grass
Go with me both lad and lass
Hear the creek call out our names
It beckons us to come and play
Just beside its gentle flow

Kind is the grass to those who fall
Lo! There is not to fear at all
Many are the flowers yonder there
None shall lack an armload full
Over there where we shall go

Pears and peaches, medlars, maypops
Quince and currant, hazel, hops
Run with me, they’re waiting o’re there
Such delights and others still
To their grounds away!

Under the great expanse
Visions of day will dance
Water projecting castles of the sky
X the spot as not to forget
You there discovered paradise

Zealous are the hills that we should come

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