The heavenly dancers begin
The skies rest their bows of lightning
On the strings of the sky
As they ply their tune
Thunder rolls across the stage
And the dancers follow

Every change of tune they follow
And so begin
To weave across the stage
The best dancers highlighted by the lightning
There’s a liveliness in the tune
A laughter in the sky

Beneath the sky
Eyes follow
Ears hear the tune
And men begin
To fear the lightning
Will beckon them to the stage

Men stage
Acts in the sky
But the flares of lightning
And booms that follow
Would make them begin
To moan a sorry tune

Safe inside they hear the tune
Watch the stage
As the dancers begin
To wheel in the sky
Their eyes follow
The fiddling strokes of lightning

Out goes the lightning
Gone is the tune
Bright skies follow
And a new stage
Is set beneath the sky
And the dancers begin

Their eyes spark lightning and they smile to the tune
Following one another round the stage
At evening, they begin to feast. Stars dance in the sky

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