Of Men Fighting Woods

of men fighting woods picture

Ever since there were men
They fought with the dark woods
With determination they fought
Trying to make a place
A bright fire of civilization
Never will this end

Sometimes such ventures end
When tepidity grasps the men
They leave all civilization
And wander in the woods
Darkness they place
Above that for which they fought

Sometimes those who fought
Meet a frightful end
In a dark and lonely place
By fearful men
Their bodies sleeping in the woods
Mourned by civilization

Sometimes the civilization
For which the brave men fought
Is captured by the woods
As the forest’s end
Crawls slyly toward the men
To rid them from that place

I have heard and seen of such a place
Rid of civilization
Rid of men
The men who fought
And gave themselves for the end
Of bringing light to the woods

The site is covered with the woods
It is a lonely place
Such as where a wanderer might meet his end
There are no signs of civilization
Long ago in this place fought
And died venturesome men

Men, will you go to such a place?
And fight what others fought for civilization?
Will the woods meet its end?

4 thoughts on “Of Men Fighting Woods

  1. Ooh… I’ve seen places like that. This is a good poem. It made me think. It actually reminded me a little of Ecclesiastes— vanity of vanities, all is vanity. 😛

    Good you got the comments going, Daeus. Most people will look for a comment option, and if they don’t find one will decide not to bother about contacting, even if they had something to say.

  2. Yes, that is a sestina (If I remember correctly, sestina means “song of sixes”. You can see why). It is a lovely form.

  3. Yes it is lovely. It doesn’t rhyme, but the repetition of the different words makes a pattern of its own and compensates for that. I like it.

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