Helpless In The Storm

Wrapped by the tempest
Cradled in air
A helpless leaf
Flies everywhere

Veil clouds of darkness
Hiding the light
Boom forth with thunder
Showing their might

Herbs all in flower
Gasp for a breath
Barbarous hailstones
Pelt them to death

Trees that had boasted
Of strength are reviled
The winds pick them up
Like a helpless child

Animals frightened
Hide underground
The waters rush in
And they drown

Marvelous storms
Make us remember
We will not live
On earth forever

4 thoughts on “Helpless In The Storm

  1. Loved this. Great imagery and the thoughts placed perfectly so as to lead the reader on to continue the visual and catch the meaning. Ever thought about composing lyrics for a song that would become a hit for your grandfather and me so we could finally become famous?

  2. I felt sorry for the herbs…..until I heard about the trees. Then I felt sorry for the trees….until I heard about the animals. Then I saw the end of people and I realized…it is not sad that we will will not live on the earth forever. Glad I have a heavenly home to look forward to. Of course maybe we actually will live on earth forever–a new earth and new heavens.
    Good thoughts. Good words.

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