Heavenly Chords

How oft men lie in soundest sleep
Clothed in misery until upon
Some happy day they may arise
By silver cords sailing down heaven’s stream

Notes which seem to reach — into the depth of time
Of what was planed before what was wrought
Bringing them to life by lively ointment
Made with olive, cinnamon, clove, and power

Wrestling from them every idle thought or tower
Planting them as sacrifices upon the alter
Killing what once had been
Giving life and health to that which must be

Oh Heavenly Chords!
Strike again your heart-wrenching song
Let all the earth in dance tune its notes to you
Or earth will be no more, for tune will die

5 thoughts on “Heavenly Chords

  1. Wow… this is very deep. So deep I’m not sure but what a fair bit of it went over my head. On further careful reading, it seems to be about God’s hand at work in human history. Is that it? Or am I missing it altogether?

    1. Haha! No, though that sounds very deep and philosophical. Thanks for attributing it to me.

      The poem is really a slightly exaggerated celebration on the power of music. *Piano playing in the background*

      I shall have to take up an instrument now incase my philosophical reputation has been compromised. That’s fine though. I can just write an opera. I’ve always wanted to do that.

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