Down And Up Again

Ladies and gentlemen,

I am pleased to present to you what may be the favorite of all my poems. This time, instead of reading it, you can experience it in its full majesty on youtube. I have also provided the text, but I highly encourage you to watch the video as this poem is far better heard than read.

So activate the full screen, take a seat, and relax.




The text:

Birthed from the sky in lofty tabernacle sea
Drunk with wine till topsy-turvy
From that plane plummeted he

Tossed by every rushing gale
Blown about as if by sail
For company? But icy hail

Down went he with rushing force
Faster than the fastest horse
Swifter than the sailing Norse

Up above the sky was dim
Down below the prospect grim
Mighty forces drawing him

Without a star to show the way
Nor was there the light of day
All t’was left: to wait and pray

Without crash, without thud, without boom
The wayfarer fell to his doom

His mission on earth to die
Though fallen, he’ll return to the sky

Braving all for man, beast, and crop
The raindrop


4 thoughts on “Down And Up Again

  1. Oh, this is so amazingly coincidental! I was literally JUST reading about the hydrologic cycle three minutes ago in my science workbook! 😀
    This is a lovely poem, Daeus. You took a unique angle on something we generally think of as very common.
    Nice surprise ending. 🙂 I loved it.

    1. I would agree with Kate, “you took a unique angle on something we generally think of as very common.” Great job!

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