The Death Of Poetry

The death of poetry image

The poet’s scratching turns to chaos
His heartache isn’t told
The poet’s work was once a pillar
Now it rots with mold
A poem is not which only seems
A poem is bliss which truly means (more…)


history poem image

I read a poem today
By my great grandmother
And what I read there
Made me wonder

She wrote of my Grandma
When but a girl
Holding her doll in her arms
Adorable (more…)

On I Comes A Dwappaling

on i comes a dwappaling picture
On I comes a Dwappaling, a dwipple dwapple dwappaling
Down a path of willows where the sparrows sing
Sees I a fairy, dancing on the lake
Gives her a wave then swift away I make
It’s a wish that I could stay and learn t’a dance on water
But with these legs of mine, it’s sure I’d teeter totter.
So it’s widdlywap a widdlywap a slikedyslap away!
Down a path of willows where the sparrows sing (more…)
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