Treachery Against The House Of Fairwin – Chapter 10

Visions of flame and blood passed away. Screams of the dying dissolved into long mournful wails. Evening rays faded into the bleak shadowy ceiling of the caverns of Rondinburg. Destin groaned, rising from his stone bed.

“How long have I slept?,” he whispered. The cavern echoed his voice with dull murmurs that seemed to mock him. Above him, icicles of stone hung in ancient solemnity like teeth in a yawning mouth that would never close. All was deathly silence save for a dripping sound from somewhere far away. It lasted only a moment. A muffled wailing pierced the damp air with an eerie ring like the wretched howls of lost spirits, wandering, wandering, never finding. A heavy feeling settled in Destin’s chest as he stumbled past bodies of prostrate figures, sleeping or wishing they could. In the next room, he could hear the soft wailing very near, coming from many voices whose bodies he could not see. Walking was difficult. The only lights were a few candles struggling against the dampness. (more…)

Treachery Against The House Of Fairwin – Chapter 9

Keeping to the most seclusive paths, Sir Aldren rode his mount to the west gate. No one met him in his way. Had they done so, he would not have spoken to them. His face was steel and remained immovable. The west gate was positioned on the opposite side of the city from the main gate. It was much smaller and led only to some insignificant villages outside of Rondinburg.

“Sir Aldren?” a voice blared. It was a young lad, no older than fifteen. He was standing beside the gate, a short spear planted in his hand.  (more…)

Treachery Against The House Of Fairwin – Chapter 8

They came. As they had never come before, they came, screaming victory, barbaric determination in their eyes. Sir Aldren stormed to and fro animated with such a battle rage as men had never seen in him before. Flying among the ranks, he shouted to each man, “Hold back till they are directly upon us, then pour your missiles into them. Let it hail death! Show no mercy!” (more…)

Treachery Against The House Of Fairwin – Chapter 7

By the twenty-fifth day of the siege, the proud walls of Rondinburg were crumbling. Those architectural giants who had denied the assailants passage, like cliffs bestaying the thundering breakers, were falling beneath tools of human construction. Those men whose arrows shattered against them and whose ladders toppled over when attempting to mount them; these men, by a machine of their own construction, a catapult, were turning to rubble those colossal bulwarks. As water wears away stones, so did these engines wear away the strength of Rondinburg. All that remained was for the destructive breakers to surge over the breached cliffs and flood the mainland, to flood every habitation and wipe away every living thing. For the men of Rondinbug, though their hearts plummeted, they gripped their swords a little tighter and kept their stations, knowing that if death was their calling, it was their duty. In one location, at the front of the city near the main gate, the Earl had focused the main force of his catapults. Under their barrage, the wall there had crumbled nearly to the ground. (more…)

Treachery Against The House Of Fairwin – Chapter 6

As the second week of the siege came to an end, the walls of Rondinburg began to crumble under the relentless hammering of the catapults. The situation became increasingly desperate with each passing day. No man gave up courage, but many gave up hope. Even Sir Aldren, though he only increased in valor and strength, would not speak of the fate of the city and had grown solemn and grave. (more…)

Treachery Against The House Of Fairwin – Chapter 5

The second wave of invaders rushed across the bridge like a pack of wolves hungry for the stag. They were met by bristling spears, but the invaders were skilled and fierce and they managed to close with the defenders. The shield wall of the men of Rondinburg was shaken, but it held firm. With each attacker that fell, a new warrior took his place. The corpses began to pile on both sides. The wave of invaders was like the huge waves of the sea which crash against a firm wall. That wall, if it is not strengthened, will most certainly fall beneath the relentless thundering of the waves. And so with each passing moment, with each thrust of the spear, the line of the men of Rondinburg was weakened. Most of the standing defenders were wounded, but they could not leave their post for lack of numbers. (more…)

Treachery Against The House Of Fairwin – Chapter 4

With the dawning of the sun comes hope, but the sun did not pierce through the bleak clouds on the following morning. The inhabitants of Rondinburg rose early to live another day. Their actions were matched by the equal vigilance of the Earl, whose army rose with them and greeted the morning air with the sharpening of steel. Eager was the hand of every warrior, but not every heart was bright, for the men of Rondinburg knew by now the gravity of their plight. (more…)

Treachery Against The House Of Fairwin – Chapter 3

When the dawn appeared, the hosts of Galldenborough were seen advancing in a vast array of dauntless steel and weaponry. A thousand and ten thousand pikes caught the rising sun and flashed its light with a haughty glare. A thousand and ten thousand shields interlocked in a mile-long stretch of fighting strength like the impenetrable scales of a monster from the deep. (more…)

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