Barren Boughs

barren boughs picture

In the death of summer
The strong man in his might
Dying, bowing down to death
Shrouded in misery
Growing deeper deeper deeper 
Torn in two, falling, kneeling down

No choir to mourn the fall
Whisked away the birds
Which chirped away their tunes
Under the mighty boughs
Now laid bare. A testimony to flight
The flight of birds, the flight of life

The grey hairs of the fallen burn
As the bright fire of refined silver
Behold! Even the dead have dazzling beauty
The grass withers. The leaf falls
The flower shrivels. The bough droops.
In their place a fairer rises

Note this you stricken
Let your groans and murmurs cease
The mighty giant fallen
Brings rest and peace
And no life has arisen
But first there blood be spilt

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