The Question Of Two Boys

One morning in early fall, before the leaves had begun to fade, but the breeze was already carrying the scent of autumn majesty, Ernest the gardener was harvesting carrots. He was also reprimanding himself and slapping himself in the face. “Now Ernest, only eat a few.” His failure in this moral necessity alarmed him and he took a bite of onion to rebuke his gluttony. His face at first lightened and then grimaced and he ran over to an apple tree that the apples might remove the onion taste. “This has failed very badly. But what is this? Hullo, it’s Robert. Strange. His face is flushed. Maybe he’s been exercising.”

Robert had reached him by this time and started shaking the apple tree. “What’s this I hear, Ernest? You’ve had apples stolen? I can’t believe it.” (more…)