The Cloud And Earth

         Twixt life and death decide
   Your herbage swoons — ornaments fade
         What price will you pay, lest I pass you by?
Shall your thirst be abated? Shall I leave you to die? (more…)

What’s In A Life?

The room is sterile. The air tastes sterile. My mind feels sterile. We are about to perform our second euthanasia. 

The patient beside me hums quietly to himself under his breath. I tug at each of my cuffs in turn as if shrugging off some weight that’s clinging to me. Behind me, Jennet flips through piles of papers. The mechanical way she jots down notes sounds harsh and grating. Before me, Orison is explaining things to the patient’s son. 

I see the care-laden expression on the son’s face — the anxiety. He really cares for my patient. “I had no idea it was that serious,” he mutters. I look away, only catching a glimpse of Orison’s magazine-cover smile as he explains in friendly soothing tones “just how things are” to the victim of the system we run by. There is an uncomfortable feeling tugging at me like a child wanting me to help him find a ball — a feeling aggravated by the patient’s soft peaceful humming. (more…)