Rapunzel – The Real Story

Once upon a dragon, soaring three hundred feet in the air, there was a frog. The situation was not coincidental and not the result of the frog falling out of mid air onto the dragon’s back. On the contrary, the frog was hitchhiking.

“So maybe it’s time you explain just how a frog got stuck in the┬ádesert,” suggested the dragon.

The frog, who was holding onto the dragon’s right wing with three of his feet, raised the fourth and waved it around in circles. “Highly unusual circumstances, Sir Dragon, highly unusual circumstances.”

The dragon snorted. “Try me”

“Well,” said the frog, rubbing his chin with his fourth foot and yelling a little loud to be heard above the breeze, “I was stuck in Rapunzel’s tower.”

The dragon plunged down and landed on a tree. Snatching the frog off his right wing with his left hand, he dangled him right before his terrified eyes. “You were what!” (more…)