Treachery Against The House Of Fairwin – Chapter 9

Keeping to the most seclusive paths, Sir Aldren rode his mount to the west gate. No one met him in his way. Had they done so, he would not have spoken to them. His face was steel and remained immovable. The west gate was positioned on the opposite side of the city from the main gate. It was much smaller and led only to some insignificant villages outside of Rondinburg.

“Sir Aldren?” a voice blared. It was a young lad, no older than fifteen. He was standing beside the gate, a short spear planted in his hand.  (more…)

Treachery Against The House Of Fairwin – Chapter 8

They came. As they had never come before, they came, screaming victory, barbaric determination in their eyes. Sir Aldren stormed to and fro animated with such a battle rage as men had never seen in him before. Flying among the ranks, he shouted to each man, “Hold back till they are directly upon us, then pour your missiles into them. Let it hail death! Show no mercy!” (more…)