Treachery Against The House Of Fairwin – Chapter 4

With the dawning of the sun comes hope, but the sun did not pierce through the bleak clouds on the following morning. The inhabitants of Rondinburg rose early to live another day. Their actions were matched by the equal vigilance of the Earl, whose army rose with them and greeted the morning air with the sharpening of steel. Eager was the hand of every warrior, but not every heart was bright, for the men of Rondinburg knew by now the gravity of their plight. (more…)

About The Write Well In One Minute Video Series

This video series was created for anyone who wants to improve their writing. True to its name, “Write well in one minute,” these videos contain approximately one minute’s worth of education on a certain writing principle. They are bite sized, easy to digest, and won’t drain your internet. 

These videos are for you. You can display them wherever you want: on your blog, in a class, at a movie theatre (if they’ll let you :-)), or anywhere else. In fact, I would love it if you would share these. The more people they get out to the better.  

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Treachery Against The House Of Fairwin – Chapter 3

When the dawn appeared, the hosts of Galldenborough were seen advancing in a vast array of dauntless steel and weaponry. A thousand and ten thousand pikes caught the rising sun and flashed its light with a haughty glare. A thousand and ten thousand shields interlocked in a mile-long stretch of fighting strength like the impenetrable scales of a monster from the deep. (more…)

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