Welcome to The Scratching Quill!

I’m Daeus and this is my writing. On this site, you can read freely from my collection of poems, short stories, and serial novels. My goal is to give you access to high quality writing at any time with no cost. I add new works regularly. If you enjoy what you read, be sure to subscribe to my posts to receive notifications when new works become available.

About Me

I love to write, read, garden, eat (a lot), and sing at random times. My goal is to write books as good as  (or preferably better than) my personal favorites, The Count of Monte Cristo, A Tale of Two Cities, and Ben-Hur. Some people tell me I’m getting there. That makes me want to go eat some chocolate, and maybe even a few pickles (this is serious!). I like to write stories that people can relate to and that are full of action, adventure, and vivid characters.